Scholar Spotlight – Reflection on Discover Wake Forest Day

Gah’ques and his father Gjerria, College LAUNCH for Leadership (Winston-Salem)



I really enjoyed this past Saturday’s Summit, Discover Wake Forest. It was very informative in helping me understand what I need to know about applying to college. At the beginning of the summit, we participated in a mock Admissions activity, which helped me realize the criteria admissions offices look at and what is most important for me to include on my application when applying to college. Also, I enjoyed the campus tour and we had a great tour guide. The Financial Aid presentation was really helpful because there were some things I didn’t know, such as deadlines and family contributions. Overall, it helped me prepare for when it is time for me to apply for college.



As a parent, I enjoyed experiencing what the College LAUNCH Program is doing for the kids by participating in Discover Wake Forest. It was a very informative day and an eye-opener on how some colleges accept students into their institution. We saw the importance of taking rigorous classes in high school versus taking regular classes. Also, I learned about opportunities for finding a variety of financial assistance (grants/ scholarships/ work-study) before taking out loans. Thank you for inviting me and I had a great time.