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LAUNCH family,

The College LAUNCH for Leadership team is committed to a world where all human beings are treated with dignity, respect, and value.  We are vehemently opposed to the hate crimes committed against any group of people, including our Asian American brothers and sisters. We want to explicitly state that the Atlanta shootings that took place this week, along with the anti-Asian violence, harassment, and mistreatment, is a social injustice that all of us share responsibility in confronting and changing.

In addition to feelings of sadness, sorrow, and hurt, we invite all of our Scholars, Alumni, and Community Partners to engage in the important work of advocating against xenophobia and ignorance. When considering the importance of self-education and advocacy, I want to share some resources and action steps with you. Please keep in mind that these lists are not intended to be all-encompassing.



  • Remember that all humans have biases. Reflect on your own often by being aware of your thoughts, language, and actions. Once you recognize your biases, make the intentional effort to do better and continue to engage in personal reflection and accountability.
  • Address xenophobia when you witness it. Want support on how to do this? Sign up for the free Bystander Intervention Training being offered by Hollback! and AAJC.
  • Work with a group of friends to create posters, social media posts, and/or articles speaking out against anti-Asian violence, harassment, and mistreatment.
  • Sign this petition (and donate if you are able) to encourage mainstream media news outlets to report factual information about assaults on elderly Asian Americans.
  • Support local Asian and Asian American owned businesses in your community.
  • Seek texts and narratives to learn more about the experience of Asian Americans.

I am thankful to be alongside you in this work to make our nation and world a place where all of humanity is welcomed and celebrated.

In Solidarity,


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