Invite a Friend for College LAUNCH for Leadership!

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Hello! We are Alexis and Maya and not only are we cousins but we are also current Scholars in Wake Forest University’s College LAUNCH for Leadership Program. Because of the tumultuous times of Covid-19, we wanted to join an organization that would prepare us for college during a time of remote learning and offers us perspective into the college world. We both thought this amazing program was perfect! We also felt that the best way to take part in this opportunity was to participate in the program together! We have found that we always do our best teamwork when we are together, which was very convenient for Saturday Summits and our shared YPAR project. Over the years we have found that we share a lot of the same interests, one of them being the ethics concerning animal testing, which is our YPAR project’s focus.

Alexis and Maya

Alexis and Maya, College LAUNCH Class of 2021 alumni (and cousins!)

Apart from the YPAR projects, we also have benefited from collaborating in our Saturday Summits by bouncing our ideas off of each other. By being with each other during every discussion from creating a college list to smart financing to preparing for the future, we’ve been able to be much more enlightened than if we were on our own. College LAUNCH provides the opportunity for us to share our opinions with each other on a variety of topics, such as criminal justice and authenticity. Being able to have ongoing dialogues with each other and our fellow Scholars has opened our eyes to the vast perspectives that are out there.

We have loved being able to share the amazing experience of the LAUNCH program and all of the opportunities it entails. After we complete our monthly journals, we always like to share our topics and points of interest with each other. This is something that we both look forward to because we’re sharing things that are both important to us and vital for our future college applications. Overall, we have loved this new experience of being able to learn about college together and what it entails!

Are you considering applying for College LAUNCH? If so, not only should you do it, but you should also encourage a family member or friend to do it with you!