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We’ve been searching for the perfect way to amplify our Scholars’ voices so that the world can learn from them. It didn’t take us long to realize that a College LAUNCH for Leadership blog was the perfect starting point.

Scholar Spotlight – Reflection on March’s Charlotte Saturday Summit

Joseph, College LAUNCH for Leadership (Charlotte)

In College LAUNCH, we are taught to value many things, the most important of these being impact. On our March 7th Saturday Summit, we were given ...

Scholar Spotlight - Reflection on Discover Wake Forest Day

Gah’ques and his father Gjerria, College LAUNCH for Leadership (Winston-Salem)



I really enjoyed this past Saturday’s Summit, Discover Wake Forest. It was very informative in ...

Scholar Spotlight - Reflection on Discover Wake Forest Day

Tiana, College LAUNCH for Leadership (Charlotte)

Being part of the Wake Forest College LAUNCH for Leadership program has opened my eyes to the many different opportunities that college has to ...

Scholar Spotlight – Reflection on January’s Winston Salem Saturday Summit

Jackson, College LAUNCH for Leadership (Winston-Salem)

During our last Saturday Summit, I was fortunate enough to learn about some of the many different experiences that refugees today have to ...

Scholar Spotlight - Reflection on January's Charlotte Saturday Summit

Jaye, College LAUNCH for Leadership (Charlotte)

The January Saturday Summit was truly something to remember. The first half of our day was dedicated to ACT prep, which was a continuation of last ...