Authenticity and Careers in Finance – Reflection on March Saturday Summit 2021

The March Saturday Summit for the Charlotte and Winston-Salem cohorts focused on understanding what it means to be authentic and discovering career pathways in finance, courtesy of LAUNCH partner EY. Learn more about the Summit from the perspective of a current Scholar.


Kelci, College LAUNCH for Leadership Scholar

My name is Kelci and I am a part of Wake Forest University’s College LAUNCH for Leadership program. Our recent March Saturday Summit was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it (as I always do). First, we explored self-awareness and authenticity and learned about being our true authentic self in a workshop led by Ms. Nicole White, Mr. Brian Camp, and Mr. Ryan Cook. After an introduction to the topic, I had the honor of being in a discussion group with Mr. Camp. In our group, we did our workshop continued as we discussed what it means to be “anchored in authenticity”. We discussed questions and scenarios┬áto explore and apply authenticity to real-life situations. Doing this workshop helped me find ways to be original in the classroom and workplace.

During the next portion of the day, we learned about finance from Ms. Nicole Cooper from EY. Ms. Cooper provided an overview of finance careers and answered questions that we had. Lastly, we had time to work on our YPAR project with our group. My group’s topic is human trafficking and we are exploring what has caused Charlotte to be a hotspot for human trafficking. In addition to looking at research and data, we are working to generate possible resolutions to help decrease human trafficking in our community and world. We used this time to finalize our research and plan our next meeting so that we can work on our upcoming presentation.

In closing, this Saturday Summit was very helpful because I learned a lot of new things about authenticity and originality. I was introduced to useful career information that may be of benefit to me in the future.