Where can I apply?
Applications can be submitted online.

Who is eligible to apply to the College LAUNCH for Leadership Program?
Diverse high school students currently in their sophomore year. Students participate in the program during their junior year in high school.

What are the application requirements?
Students must complete all sections of the application, attach a copy of their high school transcripts, complete two short essays, and complete the online recommendation. When Scholars formally accept the offer to participate in College LAUNCH, they also agree to honor our attendance requirement. We expect Scholars to attend all nine Saturday Summits. Only one unexcused absence is permitted.

Can international students apply?
Yes, if they are enrolled in a domestic high school.

Can home-schooled students apply?
Yes. Diverse, college-bound home-schooled students can apply.

How long is the required personal statement?
The personal statement should be a minimum of two paragraphs and a maximum of one page.

When will I be notified of my acceptance?
Students will be accepted on a rolling admissions basis. All applicants will be notified via email.

Does participating in College LAUNCH mean that I have to attend Wake Forest University? Our mission is to prepare our Scholars for success in college and beyond, regardless of which higher education institution they choose to attend. College LAUNCH for Leadership is not a pipeline program to Wake Forest University, meaning there is no pressure to apply to Wake Forest nor is participating in College LAUNCH a guarantee that Scholars will be admitted into Wake Forest. While participating in our program exposes Scholars to the many great things that Wake Forest has to offer and some of our Alumni do choose to attend Wake Forest, our College LAUNCH Alumni go on to attend a variety of amazing colleges and universities across the country.

General Information for Parents

Is there a cost for the program?
The program is FREE for admitted students.

What are the requirements of the program?
We ask that our scholars arrive 10 minutes before each summit and come prepared with a positive attitude. Additional expectations for the program will be set during orientation.

As a parent, am I obligated to participate in any of the summits? And if so, what if I cannot attend?
Parent/Guardian will be asked to attend two sessions: Optional Parent/ Student Orientation (which lasts for 30 minutes and takes place during our September Saturday Summit) and Discover Wake Forest University (which takes place in February). Please inform a staff member if you are unable to attend. Families are invited to the Graduation Celebration in May to commemorate the completion of the LAUNCH program with our scholars, faculty, and staff.

How many family members can attend the Discover Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem?
Our scholars are allowed to bring one additional adult family member to Discover Wake Forest. As the date gets closer, you will have the opportunity to RSVP for the event in order to reserve your seats.

General Information for Students

When does the program begin and end?
The program runs from September to May and meets one Saturday per month from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.

What are the benefits of the program?
Our scholars will complete a comprehensive curriculum focused on developing skills for academic, professional, and personal success. Scholars will receive training on effective writing and interview skills for the college admissions process. Our scholars will have opportunities to connect directly with leaders, community members and industry professionals in multiple disciplines. Scholars will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

What if I cannot attend every session?
Our Scholars are expected to attend all nine Saturday Summits. With that being said, Scholars are allowed one absence in the event of an extenuating circumstance. If you anticipate missing a Saturday Summit, please reach out in advance to Dr. Meleah Ellison, Program Manager of College LAUNCH for Leadership (email: ellisonm@nullwfu.edu or phone: 980.224.9303).

If I am accepted and I decide not to attend, what should I do?
Applicants, please contact Dr. Meleah Ellison (email: ellisonm@nullwfu.edu or phone: 980.224.9303).

Who can I contact if I have more questions about the College LAUNCH for Leadership Program?
Please email all questions to collegelaunch@nullwfu.edu.